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Making A Wreath

‘Tis the season...And what better way to get into the festive spirit than by creating your own seasonal door wreath?!

We like to use a good mix of winter evergreen foliage to create a natural and textured look, but you can pair it down for a more minimal feel too. Most of the foliage we use should be available at your local florist, but why not experiment with your own? We always like to add some seasonal foliage from our garden - trailing ivy is great for making asymmetrical shapes and herbs add extra scent as your wreath is drying!

You will need:

  • A mossed wreath ring
  • Florists reel wire and stub wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Secateurs
  • Foliage such as pine, eucalyptus, rosemary, bay, moss.
  • A few heads of dried flowers or berries such as hydrangea, rosehips, eucalyptus pods.

You should be able to get the above materials from your local florist.

1) Cut your chosen foliage into short lengths (approx 10 - 15cm, depending on how full/large you’d like your wreath) and separate into individual piles.

2) Attach your reel wire to the metal base of your mossed wreath ring, leaving the reel attached - make sure to tug your wire to ensure it’s secured firmly in place and won’t detach as you’re building your wreath!


3) Take a selection of your foliage and place onto your moss base close to where you’ve attached your reel wire. Make sure to cover the centre and outside of your moss base so the “mechanics” are hidden.

4) Secure the foliage by wrapping your reel wire around the moss base and base of the foliage stems a couple of times and pulling tight.

5) Place your next group of foliage over the stems of the previous group and secure as before. Continue on in this way, mixing your foliage as you go, until you’re back at the start.

* Tip - keep placing your foliage so it’s facing the same way and keep adding in the same direction.

6) Bunch together rosemary, hydrangea and other decoration of your choosing by wrapping a length of stub wire around the base of each group (as pictured above) and leave a long tail at one end. You can make the groups of decorations as large or small as you like.

7)  Poke the tail of wire at the end of your decoration through the mossed wreath base and pull firmly so the decoration sits amongst your foliage. Bend any wire left on the underside and stick back into the moss to hold your decoration in place.

8) Continue until you’re happy with the balance.

You now have a finished wreath! Use another piece of stub wire and attach to your wreath base to create a hook for your door, or alternatively use a length of ribbon to tie around the top of your wreath for a more decorative hook.

We hope you enjoy making your own winter wreath - we would love to see photos of your creations so make sure to tag us @thefreshflowercompany on Instagram and @thefreshflower1 on twitter!

Love Alice, Fran, and the Fresh Flower team 

Photos by Alex Reyto


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