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Making A Bouquet

Lots of people ask us how best to arrange their flowers at home so we thought it would be a good idea to show you a step-by-step guide to making a hand tied posy...a great way of displaying your flowers at home.

Choosing your flowers and foliage

To make a well balanced bunch it's best to have a main flower (a larger, bolder flower such as a rose or peony), a secondary flower (a smaller flower such as tulips, anemones, thistle or clematis), and a filler flower or two (small, almost foliage like flowers - wax flower, astrantia, lilac etc...).

Foliage is very important to add texture and create space between flowers. We love to use seasonal foliage and herbs such as rosemary, berried ivy, eucalyptus and hebe.


Conditioning and prepping

When you get your flowers home, unwrap them carefully and remove any leaves that will sit below the waterline in your vase. Make space on your workbench and lay out all your stems grouped by flower or foliage type. Branched foliage and flowers can be split into shorter lengths to spread throughout your bunch.

Starting your hand tied

Start with a main flower and a piece of foliage, and hold them loosely in whichever hand feels most comfortable. With your other hand, select another piece of foliage and place it diagonally across your first flower stem. This is called spiraling and you should continue adding the rest of your flowers and foliage in the same way, with all the stems pointing in one direction.

After adding a stem, rotate the bouquet clockwise by one turn. This ensures even spacing of the flowers and a good, circular shape. Remember to alternate between a flower stem and a foliage stem to keep the bouquet balanced.

Tying off

Once you're happy with the shape and size of your hand tied, tie securely with twine. The tying point should be just above your hand. Once tied, trim your stems to a length that is appropriate to the size of your vase.

Tips to make your flowers last

Always re cut the stems before placing in deep, cool water. It is best to cut the stems on an angle for maximum take up of water.

Changing the water regularly and adding flower food will help your flowers to open fully and stay open for longer.

Keep your flowers out of sunlight, away from radiators and drafts.

Enjoy your flowers and look out for our next tutorial coming soon on the journal!

Love Alice and the Fresh Flower team


Photos by Alex Reyto 



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