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Seasonal Flowers - The Valentine's Day Rose Alternative

As beautiful as roses can be, there are some equally stunning seasonal flowers around at this time of year that are the perfect alternatives for your Valentine's bouquet. We always try to buy the best of the seasons flowers for the shop, and with spring really coming into it's own, we have plenty on offer this Valentine's day.


British Grown Flowers

Throughout Spring we see a whole host of British grown flowers at the market, all of which would make a great alternative to roses as well as reducing your flower air miles! For Valentine's day you can expect to see British flowers such as Muscari, Narcissus, Hellebores, scented Paperwhites, flowering Magnolia and Hyacinths. 


Ranunculus are our favourite flower to use as a rose alternative - soft, blousey and full, they have the same romantic feel as a rose, plus they come in about as many different colours too! 


Other seasonal favourites of ours include:

Anemones - offering both bold and pastel shades, and an unusual velvety centre, anemones make another great rose alternative. Mixed with smaller textured flowers and foliage such as wax flower, eucalyptus, lilac and phlox, they act as a bold statement flower that you can watch changing every day.

Mimosa - mimosa looks great massed on its own or with silvery grey eucalyptus so you get the full effect of it's beauty. It's vibrant yellow shades add a great pop of colour to any space as well as providing a beautiful, summery scent that we adore!

Hyacinths - another flower with an amazing smell, hyacinths look great mixed into a spring posy or grouped with bold foliage. They're a very long lasting cut flower, but if you want to have them for even longer you can buy hyacinth bulbs and keep them indoors until they've finished flowering.

Lilac - an old wives tale says its bad luck to have lilac indoors, but we can't resist! It's a great addition to any bouquet and adds a soft texture to your bunch of mixed foliage. 


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